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David Holmes Musician & Producer

David Holmes aka mbiralab is based in Devon in the UK.
A multi-instrumentalist and producer, David has been
enthralled by the depth and power of traditional mbira
music since first discovering it and beginning to play 10 years ago, also making use of it in his work as a music therapist.

Four years ago, after twice visiting Zimbabwe to connect
directly with the source of the music and the world it sprang
from, he began exploring how it might sound when transposed
into electronic form, fascinated and excited by the potential.

This music is the result.   

About us

Kennedy Chinyere Musician & Singer

Kennedy has been playing mbira and singing the traditional songs since childhood, the music being a lively and vital force in the village in Zimbabwe where he grew up.  He has been living, performing and teaching mbira in the UK since 2016.

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