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Mbira music: a lynchpin between living people and the spiritual world

There are 2 parts to the Mbira Davadzimu instrument, the mbira itself, a wooden board with 24 metal keys attached, and the resonator (the deze) a large gourd into which it is wedged. 

Mbira (meaning both the music and the instrument) is part of the traditional culture of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. At all night ritual ceremonies called bira, the mystic power of mbira music summons the ancesteral spirits who can then be consulted for guidance and spiritual healing. 

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Track #3 Changemire

"Mbira Comes from the land
From the ancestors
From the trees and stones
It connects us with the ancestors

We want to celebrate we want to dance
We want a circle
Listen what the deze is saying
Give us beer

Mbira is passed on knowledge
Grandmother's spirit has come
Listen to the voice
The ancient voice
Mbira we want to sing"

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